Thursday, 20 February 2020

Best camera apps for iOS

1. ProCam 

ProCam developed by Samer Azzam is one of the most popular 3rd party camera app available in the Appstore. ProCam is liked and used by millions of people globally.

Both Professional and non Professional Photographers always give it the topmost priority . Even the photography lovers too prefer it the most compared to any other 3rd party camera apps available in the Appstore.

ProCam has every features needed for the photography lovers and it never upsets its users and also both photo and video outputs are really quite very good and because of this Photography lovers prefers it the most.

ProCam too support RAW format photography.

ProCam is like a completely feature packed 3rd party camera app for Photography lovers.

ProCam is easy to use and anyone can use it whether you are love Photography or not.


Complete feature packed camera app.


Not cheap price

Price: Paid

2. Proshot

Proshot developed by Rise up games is yet another wellknow 3rd party camera app for iOS . Proshot too has all the features that a photography lovers wants to have in the camera app.

Proshot has more control options compared to ProCam but still it fails to beat in photo and video outputs quality compared to ProCam's ones. But one should not think of not using it. Proshot too is as good as ProCam in performing various photography and videography task.

Proshot has one unique feature i.e. using it one can capture both photo and video in 16:9 ratio which is not available even in Stock or Default iOS camera (inbuilt iOS camera) app. If you want or like capturing photo and video in 16:9 ration than this is a must 3rd party camera app for you.

Proshot can be used by any kind of user.


Has many manual control options.


Saving RAW format photo takes sometime.

Price: Paid

3. MuseCam

MuseCam developed by MuseWorks.Inc is not as popular as the above mentioned camera apps but inspite of that , MuseCam too is a good 3rd party camera app .

MuseCam is not as featured packed camera app like the ProCam or ProShot. MuseCam has limited features for both photography and videography.

MuseCam is right now not a suitable for Professional or Photography lovers because of its limited features.

MuseCam has an inbuilt photo editor feature in the app itself which can be useful for common people.


Photo editor feature inside the app itself.


Limited feature

Price: Available as both Free and Paid

4. RAW+

RAW+ developed by Dynamic App Design LLC is a new comer but it's being gaining popularity by photography lovers because of its RAW and manual control photography.

RAW+ has both free and paid version .

RAW+ is suitable for both professional photographer and non professional photographer

The photo and video output produced by RAW+ are really good.

RAW+ camera app is mainly focus on those users who prefer manual control photography and videography rather than the users who uses auto Photography or Videography.


Supports RAW format


Focused mostly on manual control .

Price: Available as both Free and Paid

5. Pro Camera

Pro Camera developed by FanTengMu (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd is too a new comer and this app can be use by any users.

Pro Camera is mostly like Photo editor rather than fully camera app. Inspite of that this app has manual control photography options and even has many extra Photography modes like fisheye etc.

ProCamera is not for professional photographer or photography lovers.

The photo and video output produced by this app is not that good as Procam or ProShot.

People who want many photo modes style like fisheye etc can used it.


Has many photo modes like fisheye etc


Not for Photography lovers.

Price: Paid


Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Best Scanner Apps for Android

1. SkanApp hands-free PDF scanner

SkanApp developed by GO2GET is less known or less popular file scanner out there in playstore. 

Inspite of less popularity , this app has some unique features which may or may not be available in the popular file scanner apps.

The Design layout is not that simple nor that good looking because it has multi menu options in the scanning screen itself.

The scanned file output are really very good and even real Xerox machine like file scanned filter output is a plus point that can be seen inside the app.

This app is best for professional users .

Pros :

Pro features included.


Don't have free version.

Price: Paid

2. Office Lens

Office Lens developed by Microsoft is quite well-known and very popular file scanner app available in Google playstore.

Office Lens app has simple design layout .

As compared to SkanApp, it doesn't have much options like one can find inside the SkanApp. Inspite of very limited feature , this app is widely used globally because of its simplicity design layout and trusty company like Microsoft.

This app can be used by any kind of user.


Developed by Trusted Microsoft Company 


Limited feature .

Price: Free 

3. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan developed by Adobe is a new comer yet it's gaining popularity slowly because global people trust Adobe a lot .

The app design layout is simple like the Office Lens .

This app can be use by any kind of user


Developed by Trusted Adobe company.


Limited feature

Price: Free

4. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner developed by INTSIG is world's most popular scanner app out there in Google playstore. Millions of People liked and used it globally.

Cam Scanner is unique on its on and is very user friendly and design layout is also very properly implemented so that any kind of user whether new or old user , anyone can use it without any hassle.

Cam Scanner scanned file output are also quite good and acceptable.

Cam Scanner has both free version and pro version (paid version)

This app can be used by any kind of user.


Design layout properly implemented


Ads in free version

Price: Available as both Free and Paid .

5. ScanBot

ScanBot developed by dooGmbH is yet another popular file scanner app used by the people globally.

Like Cam Scanner it too has is own unique features and simplicity and user friendly design layouts.

The file scanned output is as good as Cam Scanner file scanned outputs.

This app can be used by any kind of user.


Good file scanned output


Ads in Free version

Price: Available as both Free and Paid.


Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Best Note Taking Apps For Android

1. OneNote

OneNote is the most popular Note taking app ever developed by Microsoft and millions of worldwide people used it as their favourite Note taking application. 

OneNote is unique in design layout and it's beautiful Tab style layout makes it more unique, beautiful and pleasent to look.

OneNote is available for multi OS platforms i.e. for Windows,Mac,Android,iOS etc.

OneNote notes can be synced too , which helps users to access their notes in multiple electronic devices.

OneNote is best for Students and Teachers for keeping their everyday notes but others too can use it.


Tab style layout , multi OS platform support.

Cons :

Limited online note storage.

Price :  Free

2. Evernote

Evernote is another popular Note taking app available for Android . Evernote came later than OneNote but within a few years of its launched , Evernote is liked by huge number of people's globally because of simplicity design layouts.

Evernote too is available for multi OS platform like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc.

Evernote has better speed in syncing notes compared to OneNote i.e. syncing notes in Evernote is quite faster than OneNote.

Evernote is suitable for any user , whether you are student, teacher, businessman etc.

Pros :

Synced Notes faster than other popular Note taking apps. 

Cons :

Limited Daily Notes upload size for Free users.

Price : Free

3. Keep

Keep is yet another Note taking app developed by Google. Keep is must newer compared to OneNote and Evernote . Inspite of being newer to the later , it slowly started to gain popularity and finally after some years of its launched , it finally too liked and used by many people throughout the Globe.

Like OneNote and Evernote , Keep too is available for Multi OS Platform i.e. for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc

Keep too has exactly the same syncing notes facility like the OneNote and Evernote.

Keep's uniqueness is its material UI and thumbnail style notes layout.

Keep is suitable for any users.

Pros :

Thumbnail style and material UI layouts

Cons :

Limited online note storage

Price : Free

4. Notebooks

Notebooks is a lesser known note taking app developed by Droidveda. This app may be less know to the people globally yet it has some uniqueness too.

Notebooks design layout is like a Bookshelf and this layout makes is the most stunning among the rest that are mentioned here.

Notebook too has a note syncing facility too like the earlier.

Notebook is not available for multi OS platform and at present only available for Android only.

Notebook is best for students, teachers and writers but other users too can use it.

Pros :

Bookshelf style design layout

Cons :

Not available for multi OS platform.

Price : Free

5. Notes

Notes is also one note taking app developed by WPS . It is less known by the people globally and also least known note taking app compared to notes mentioned here.

Notes has a simple design layout yet it has one unique feature where it stands out is , this Notes app has passcode i.e. password protection feature inside the app itself which is not commonly seen in every popular or well-known note taking applications out there in today's modern technology days.

Notes too has note syncing facilities.

Notes too is not available for multi OS platform and is only available for Android at present.

Notes is suitable for any users.


Password protection feature inside the app.

Cons :

Not available for multi OS platform

Price : Free